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promosfollow.com having aim to provide best savings tools to e-shoppers, so that user can enjoy best saving experience.
Privacy Policy: Terms & Conditions

Promos Follow has created this privacy policy with a view to outline the collection, usage or disclosure of personal information on the website www.promosfollow.com. If are using this website then you agree with the terms mentioned in this policy. If you do not agree then discontinue using this website.

Kinds of Information we collect:
Contact us:
When you contact us we tend to store the data provided by you such as your name, email address, phone number or address. We also take note of your Internet Protocol (IP) Address for location and geolocation purposes. This information can be used in future to contact you or reply to your queries. We might send promotional emails, newsletters or other emails. By giving us your contact details you are consenting to build a business relationship with us and thus authorising us to contact you whenever we want to. Also we may contact you via email, telephone or postal mails. We may also contact you for promotional surveys or queries. This is voluntary and you are not obligated to participate in it. We will ask for your contact information and demographic information such as your zip code. The information provided by you will be solely used for notification purposes. Your Geolocation information if you have shared with us will only help us in giving you a better experience of using our services. We will be able to show you deals related to your location. We will neither share nor use your geolocation services for any other purposes.
Other than your personal information, we and third parties associated with us might collect other information directly or indirectly. This information includes the URL which referred you to our Site. Also we collect Usage information which includes all of the areas that you might visit or view our website to use or redeem a coupon. It includes all of your preferences on our website too such as which offers you have liked. We use this information to enhance our website. Along with this we may collect your Internet Protocol “IP” Address and your device identifier. We use other technological methods to collect other information:
A cookie is a small file of data which is sent from a website to a user’s browser. Cookies are mainly used for record keeping and navigational purposes. We tend to use both Persistent and Session cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies which expires when the user closes his/her browser. Persistent cookies however, stays in the browser for a number of days and makes using the website easier next time by remembering the visitor’s information. Cookies tend to remember a user, their basic information and their preferences. This makes it easier for the user to use the website next time as because of the data stored in the cookie the website automatically tends to show items based on his/her choice. Web Beacons are small GIF images which are present on our website or the emails we send. They store data such as whether a specific action has been performed or not. They also count the visitors on a certain page. Also, the number of pages a visitor views and when he leaves a site. Web Logs are used for recording the device identifiers and the operating system of your computer, the pages you were referred from, access times and browser information. This information is used for security improvement, analysis and administration of the website. We also collect information from Third Parties for verification, security or to update or supplement information. This information is used for accuracy and to communicate with you on specific terms.
Why do we need this information?
We may use this information to contact you with our queries or to send you promotional offers. To inform you about new features or products. We make it easier for you to access our site.
For tracking purpose and also to show you options related to your preference.
We shall with or without your approval disclose your information and all the details if required by law agencies at the time of fraud or suspicious activities.